Bob’s Pest Removal Service specializes in removing wild creatures (skunks, bats, reptiles, etc.) from private homes. He charges $70 to go to a house plus $20 per hour for his services. Let y be the total amount (in dollars) paid by a household using Bob’s services and x the number of hours Bob spends capturing and removing the animal(s). The equation for the relationship between x and y is
y = 70 + 2x
a. Bob spent 3 hours removing a coyote from under Alice’s house. How much will he be paid?
b. Suppose nine persons called Bob for assistance during a week. Strangely enough, each of these jobs required exactly 3 hours. Will each of these clients pay Bob the same amount, or do you expect each one to pay a different amount? Explain.
c. Is the relationship between x and y exact or non-exact?

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