Boilermaker House Painting Company incurs the following transactions for September.
1. Paint houses in the current month for $25,300 on account.
2. Purchase painting equipment for $12,600 cash.
3. Purchase office supplies on account for $1,200.
4. Pay workers’ salaries of $3,700 for the current month.
5. Purchase advertising to appear in the current month for $2,050 cash.
6. Pay office rent of $3,900 for the current month.
7. Receive $22,800 from customers in (1) above.
8. Receive cash of $9,400 in advance from a customer that plans to have his house painted in the following month.

1. Record each transaction. Boilermaker uses the following accounts: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Supplies, Equipment, Accounts Payable, Unearned Revenue, Common Stock, Retained Earnings, Service Revenue, Salaries Expense, Advertising Expense, and Rent Expense.
2. Post each transaction to T-accounts and compute the ending balance of each account. At the beginning of September, the company had the following account balances: Cash, $19,000; Accounts Receivable, 3,000; Supplies, $300; Equipment, $5,100; Accounts Payable, $3,600; Common Stock, $15,000; Retained Earnings, $8,800. All other accounts had a beginning balance of zero.
3. After calculating the ending balance of each account, prepare a trial balance.

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