Question: Brad Longstreet a paralegal at the firm of Henderson

Brad Longstreet, a paralegal at the firm of Henderson & Ruohniemi, created a system for dissolutions of marriage. It was a good system with written system requirements, instructions, and forms and checklists. Brad became ill and was replaced with a temporary paralegal, Brenda Engstrom. Brenda followed the system and completed the documents for a simple dissolution and filed the documents with the court. When Brad returned, he discovered that the court had rejected the documents because one document was prepared on an outdated form. Brad was aware of the change in the form and tried to determine how Brenda could have filed the wrong form.
a. What step in the systems process was overlooked?
b. What must Brad do to keep the problem from happening again?
c. Should another step be added to Brad’s system? If so, what step?

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