Question: Bricket Brack and Bosh BBB is a small accounting firm

Bricket, Brack, and Bosh (BBB) is a small accounting firm in Oshawa, Ontario. The firm has four partners and ten other employees. All of the partners belong to professional accounting organ izations. The firm provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to small- and medium-sized businesses in the community. When the firm does work for clients, the work is often used by third parties such as banks or prospective investors. For example, BBB might audit a client's financial statements, which are then given to the bank as part of a loan application. BBB is also part of a group of independent accounting firms in Ontario that will do work for clients of other firms in the group. For example, if BBB has a client that has an office elsewhere in Ontario, it might use the services of a firm in the group to do necessary work at that office.

Identify all of the stakeholders in Bricket, Brack, and Bosh and explain their "stake" in the partnership. Not all the stakeholders are explicitly referred to in the scenario. You will have to think about the business situation carefully to identify some of the stake holders.

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