Question: Bride s magazine reports the cost of the average honeymoon as

Bride’s magazine reports the cost of the average honeymoon as $5111. Assume that their findings could have been based on the honeymoon expenditures of a sample consisting of 300 couples whose costs are listed in data file XR03066.
a. Confirm the mean and determine the median and the standard deviation of the honeymoon expenditures for this sample.
b. Generate and interpret the box-and-whisker plot for the couples in the sample.
c. From the results in parts (a) and (b), do there appear to be any “outlier” couples who have spent an unusually large amount of money on their honeymoon? If so, what kinds of companies or organizations might have an interest in finding out how to identify such couples before they’ve made their honeymoon plans?
A computer and statistical software will be desirable and useful. However, any necessary calculations can also be done with the aid of a pocket calculator. For readers using statistical software, keep in mind the file-naming key— for example, the data for Exercise 3.57 will be in data file XR03057.
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