Question: Briefly discuss each of the following short case studies Provide

Briefly discuss each of the following short case studies. Provide explanations for your analysis.
(a) The governing board of a city recently levied a gasoline tax “for the express purpose of financing the construction and operation of a civic center, servicing debt issued for construction and related capital outlay, or any combination of the three.” The board instructed the comptroller to establish a Gasoline Tax Fund to account for the receipt, expenditure, and balances of the tax proceeds. What type fund(s) should be established?
(b) What problems might one encounter in attempting to determine the proper disposition of a Capital Projects Fund balance remaining after the project has been completed and all Capital Projects Fund liabilities have been paid?
(c) A government has been awarded a grant to finance a major general government capital project. At year-end, the government has not met the eligibility requirements for the $2 million capital grant, nor has it received any cash. How is the grant reported by the government?
(d) What are special assessments? What is unique about them, and how do they affect a Capital Projects Fund?

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