Broadwell Manufacturing Co maintains the following accounts in the general
Broadwell Manufacturing Co. maintains the following accounts in the general ledger: Materials, Work in Process, Factory Overhead, and Accounts Payable. On July 1, the materials account had a debit balance of $10,000. Following is a summary of materials transactions for the month of July:
1. Materials purchased $35,750.
2. Direct materials requisitioned to production, $29,250.
3. Direct materials returned to storeroom, $2,200.
4. Indirect materials requisitioned to production, $3,975.
5. Indirect materials returned to storeroom, $585.
a. Prepare journal entries to record the materials transactions.
b. Post the journal entries to ledger accounts (in T-account form).
c. What is the balance of the materials inventory account at the end of the month?
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