Brook Exteriors is a firm that provides house painting services Richard
Brook Exteriors is a firm that provides house-painting services. Richard Brook, the owner, is trying to find new ways to increase revenues. Mr. Brook performs the following actions, not in the order listed.
a. Mr. Brook decides to buy the paint sprayers rather than hire additional painters.
b. Mr. Brook discusses with his employees the possibility of using paint sprayers instead of hand painting to increase productivity and thus profits.
c. Mr. Brook learns of a large potential job that is about to go out for bids.
d. Mr. Brook compares the expected cost of buying sprayers to the expected cost of hiring more workers who paint by hand and estimates profits from both alternatives.
e. Mr. Brook estimates that using sprayers will reduce painting time by 20%.
f. Mr. Brook researches the price of paint sprayers online.

Classify each of the actions (a– f) according to its step in the five-step decision-making process (identify the problem and uncertainties; obtain information; make predictions about the future; make decisions by choosing among alternatives; implement the decision, evaluate performance, and learn).

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