Bryan Haas has his own electronics retail chain TechnoGeek His
Bryan Haas has his own electronics retail chain, TechnoGeek. His stores sell computer parts, audio visual equipment, consumer electronics, and related items. Custom computer building and electronics repair are also offered. In addition, TechnoGeek has a website to sell its merchandise. The store has a staff of 90 people working in six departments: Sales, Customization, Repairs, Web Development, Accounting, and Human Resources. Each ­department has its own manager.

1. For each of the six departments, describe at least one decision/ action for each of the three stages of management (planning, directing, and controlling). Prepare a table similar to the following for your answer:

2. For each of the decisions/ actions you described in Part 1, identify what information is needed for that decision/ action. Specify whether that information would be generated by the financial accounting system or the managerial accounting system at TechnoGeek.

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