Question: Buick and Jaguar tied for first place in the 2009

Buick and Jaguar tied for first place in the 2009 Vehicle Dependability Study for J.D. Power & Associates. It is an annual survey of three-year-old cars where consumers check off all the problems they have had with their 2006 model-year vehicles. A random sample of the J.D. Power data produced the following numbers of problems:
a. Calculate the mean.
b. Based on the information given, explain what the mean is telling you. Does this make sense?
c. Prepare a grouped frequency distribution using classes 1–4, 4–7, and so on, and draw a histogram of the distribution.
d. Describe the distribution; specifically, is the distribution bimodal (about what values)?
e. Compare your answers in parts a and c, and comment on the relationship between the mode and the model values in these data.
f. Could the discrepancy found in the comparison in part e occur when using an ungrouped frequency distribution? Explain.

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