Question: Build a House of Quality showing only the Voice of

Build a House of Quality (showing only the Voice of the customer, Technical features, Interrelationships, and Relationship matrix from Exhibit 6.2) for designing and producing chocolate chip cookies. The voice of the customer consists of:
a. Soft
b. Fresh
c. Bittersweet
d. Not burned
e. Large size
f. Moderate price
g. Lots of chocolate
The technical features identified are
a. Baking temperature
b. Baking time
c. Type of chocolate
d. Proportion of chocolate
e. Size
f. Shape
g. Thickness
h. Batch size
i. Amount of preservatives
Clearly explain your reasoning for your ratings of the interrelationships and relationship matrix. Can you think of other technical features that should be included to better address the voice of the customer?

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