Question: Bundy Retailing sells building supply materials It is located in

Bundy Retailing sells building supply materials. It is located in a medium- sized Midwestern town and has four sales offices there. Each sales office has its own POS terminal that is hardwired to the company’s main server through a dedicated line. These terminals are used to authorize sales transactions. Given that an appropriate credit check has been made, the salesperson simply types in the sales order on one of the POS terminals, and authorization to release the goods is immediately printed out at the company’s central warehouse. Recently, however, the company has detected a security problem. There are several salespeople working in each office and sharing the same terminal. It appears that one of the salespeople has been entering sales transactions and charging them to Brown Contracting Company. The problem is that Brown Contracting has never received any of these goods. In fact, all the goods have been released to an impostor. This is a very serious problem because the total amount of goods released cost the company approximately $ 20,000. The chief of security is perplexed because she does not know which salesperson is responsible. There is even some discussion about the possibility that an unauthorized intruder may have accessed the terminal.

Discuss appropriate security measures that could have been taken to prevent this problem from occurring.

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