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  • Comprehensive problem on unit costs, product costs Tampa Office Equipment manufactures and sells metal shelving. It began operations on January 1, 2009. Costs incurred for 2009 are as follows (V stands for variable; F stands for fixed): Variable manufacturing costs are variable with respect to units produced. Variable marketing, distri

  • Computing and interpreting manufacturing unit costs. Minnesota Office Products (MOP) produces three different paper products at the plant. It currently uses the following three-part classification for its manufacturing costs; direct materials, direct manufacturing labor, and manufacturing overhead costs. Total manufacturing overhead costs

  • Computing cost of goads purchased and cast of goods sold. The following data are for Marvin Department Store. The account balances (in thousands) are for 2008.Compute (1) the cost of goods purchased and (2) the cost of goodssold.

  • Consider the following account balances (in thousands) for the Piedmont Corporation:Required 1. Prepare a schedule for the cost of goods manufactured for 2011.2. Revenues for 2011 were $600 million. Prepare the income statement for2011.

  • Cost drivers and functions. The list of representative cost drivers in the right column of this table are randomized with respect to the list of functions in the left column. That is, they do not match.Function Representative Cost Driver1. Accounting A. Number of invoices sent2. Human resources B. Number of purchase orders3.

  • Cost drivers and value chain. Prentice-Hall Publishing is developing a new book for international accounting. For the development and publication of this book, the company has undertaken the following activities in its value chain:Identify the customer need (what do faculty and students want in a book?)Find an authorMarket the book to fac

  • Cost of goods manufactured. Consider the following account balances (in thousands) for the Canseco Company:If you want to use Excel to solve this problem, go to the Excel lab at and download the template for Exhibit 2-8.1. Prepare a schedule for the cost of goods manufactured for 2009.2. Revenues for 2009

  • Cycle Tours Co. is a travel agency. The nine transactions recorded by Cycle Tours during February 2010, its first month of operations, are indicated in the following T accounts:Indicate for each debit and each credit: (a) Whether an asset, liability, capital stock, dividend, revenue, or expense account was affected and (b) Whether the acc

  • Deacon Publishing House is a publishing company that produces consumer magazines. The house and home division, which sells home-improvement and home-decorating magazines, has seen a 20% reduction in operating income over the past nine months, primarily due to the recent economic recession and the depressed consumer housing market. The div

  • Define cost object and give three examples.

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