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  • Roper stores use point-of-sale terminals as cash registers. The register shows the amount of each sale, the cash received from the customer, and any change returned to the customer. The machine also produces a customer receipt but keeps no record of transactions. At the end of the day, the clerk counts the cash in the register and gives i

  • Fast Pass Company manufactures a popular brand of footballs. Fast Pass employs 142 workers and keeps its employment records on time sheets that show how many hours the employee works each week. On Friday the shop foreman collects the time sheets, checks them for accuracy, and delivers them to the payroll department for preparation of payc

  • Donn Communications, Inc., is preparing its cash budget for 2012. Donn ended 2011 with cash of $88 million, and managers need to keep a cash balance of at least $79 million for operations.Collections from customers are expected to total $11,323 million during 2012, and payments for the cost of services and products should reach $6,185 mil

  • Assume Slippy Slides borrowed $17 million from West Side Bank and agreed to (a) pay an interest rate of 7.0% and (b) maintain a compensating balance amount equal to 5.1% of the loan. Determine Slippy Slides’ actual effective interest rate on this loan.

  • (Multiple Choice)1. All of the following are objectives of internal control excepta. To safeguard assetsb. To maximize net incomec. To ensure accurate and reliable accounting recordsd. To comply with legal requirements2. All of the following are internal control procedures excepta. Electronic devicesb. Assignment of responsibilitiesc. Int

  • (Multiple Choice)1. In a bank reconciliation, an EFT cash payment isa. added to the bank balance.b. deducted from the book balance.c. added to the book balance.d. deducted from the bank balance.2. If a bookkeeper mistakenly recorded a $72 deposit as $27, the error would be shown on the bank reconciliation as aa. $45 deduction from the boo

  • Irish Imports is an importer of silver, brass, and furniture items from Ireland. Kathleen O’Shea is the general manager of Irish Imports. O’Shea employs two other people in the business. Molly Fitzpatrick serves as the buyer for Irish Imports. In her work, Fitzpatrick travels throughout Ireland to find interesting new products. When F

  • The cash data of Durkin Automotive for April 2012 follow:Durkin received the following bank statement on April 30, 2012:Additional data for the bank reconciliation include the following:a. The EFT deposit was a receipt of monthly rent. The EFT debit was a monthly insurance payment.b. The unauthorized signature check was received from a

  • The November 30 bank statement of Donald Engineering Associates has just arrived from Kansas First Bank. To prepare the Donald bank reconciliation, you gather the following data:a. Donald’s Cash account shows a balance of $7,684.83 on November 30.b. The November 30 bank balance is $8,457.95.c. The bank statement shows that Donald earned

  • Healthy Hair Care makes all sales on credit. Cash receipts arrive by mail, usually within 30 days of the sale. Kathy Mulberry opens envelopes and separates the checks from the accompanying remittance advices. Mulberry forwards the checks to another employee, who makes the daily bank deposit but has no access to the accounting records. Mul