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  • 1. Are you surprised that employee discounts are a highly valued benefit at Best Buy? Why or why not? What kinds of employees would this benefit attract?2. Suggest a way that Best Buy could have reduced the costs of benefits without sparking employee anger.Part of knowing what employees value is knowing what they don't want to lose. Brian

  • 1. Assume that Freddie Bisco receives a sales incentive for each Ferrari he sells. Does Freddie appear highly motivated by this incentive reward system? What is the evidence from the scene?2. Freddie does not work for Frank Slade. Is the $2,000 that Slade gives Freddie the same as a bonus discussed earlier in this chapter? If yes, which t

  • 1. Based on the discussion of health plans in the text and the description in this case, why do you think GE wanted to move all employees into consumer-driven health plans?2. What are the risks of this change? How can GE decide whether those risks are worth taking?3. What aspects of the plans would you expect employees to be worried or up

  • 1. Based on the information given, summarize the method(s) BMW intends to use for determining incentive pay. Are these rewards for individual, group, and/or company performance?2. Explain BMW’s claim that under the new bonus program, “upper-level management could potentially lose more money than their lower-level counterparts for bad

  • 1. Based on the information given, what issues have law firms considered in their decisions about their pay structure? 2. How would you expect first-year lawyers to perceive the fairness of the pay decisions described in this case? How could the decisions be communicated so that lawyers in these firms will see their pay as fair?Skadden, A

  • 1. Develop a list of competencies needed by employees to facilitate attainment of credit union strategic goals.2. Recommend an employee appraisal program to measure identified competencies. 3. What steps should the credit union adopt to achieve employee acceptance of the new compensation program? Preferred Credit Union in Detroit, Michiga

  • 1. Discuss whether it is fair for executives to receive larger retirement plans than employees in lower ranking jobs. With more money to invest, should they have more investment options, such as fixed income funds? Why or why not?2. How, if at all, should employers help employees manage the risks of investing in defined contribution retir

  • 1. Do managers like Janis Blancero face a more complicated decision when evaluating the personal requests of employees versus evaluating employees’ individual work performance? Explain.2. a. Should Adobe establish a policy for granting flexible work schedules? Explain.b. If you answered yes, what might that policy contain?3. If you were

  • 1. Do results from the survey illustrate typical complaints about teams and specifically about team incentive rewards? Explain.2. If appropriate, what changes would you recommend to improve the incentive reward program? Be specific.3. Would management have benefited from employee involvement in the initial design and implementation of the

  • 1. Do you think Bob’s approach to job analysis will be effective in creating useful job descriptions?2. What can be done to improve this job analysis process?