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  • Suppose you are a supervisor. What errors might you make when preparing the performance appraisal on a clerical employee? How might you avoid those errors?

  • Suppose you were recently promoted to a supervisory job in a company where you have worked for two years. You genuinely like almost all your co-workers, who now report to you. The only exception is one employee, who dresses more formally than the others and frequently tells jokes that embarrass you and the other workers. Given your preexi

  • Suppose your organization needs to hire several computer programmers, and you are reviewing résumés you obtained from an online service. What kinds of information will you want to gather from the "work experience" portion of these résumés? What kinds of information will you want to gather from the "education" portion of these résumé

  • The section on principles of justice used noncompete agreements as an example. How would you expect the use of noncompete agreements to affect voluntary turnover? How might the use of these agreements affect job withdrawal and job satisfaction? Besides requiring noncompete agreements, how could an organization reduce the likelihood of emp

  • Three types of appraisal interviews are described in this chapter.a. What different skills are required for each type of appraisal interview? What reactions can one expect from using these different skills?b. How can one develop the skills needed for the problem-solving type of interview?c. Which method do you feel is the least desirable?

  • What activities are involved in the selection process? Think of the last time you were hired for a job. Which of those activities were used in selecting you? Should the organization that hired you have used other methods as well?

  • What analyses should be made to determine the training needs of an organization? After the needs are determined, what is the next step?

  • What are some of the barriers to advancement opportunities for women in many organizations?

  • What are some of the possible advantages and disadvantages of the “draft approach” to placing candidates in business units?

  • What are some of the possible reasons Scott did not seek or receive advice from her immediate supervisor?Sue Ann Scott was a receptionist at the headquarters of a large corporation. A high school graduate, she had no particular skills other than an ability to organize her job duties and a pleasant personality. Unfortunately, she did not h