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  • 1. If performance management practices at mortgage companies helped the companies earn impressive profits for a time, would you rate that as a business success? An ethical success? Why or why not?2. If those same practices made mortgage companies more vulnerable after the real estate bubble burst and the financial crisis occurred, would y

  • How does a complete performance management system differ from the use of annual performance appraisals?

  • Give two examples of an administrative decision that would be based on performance management information. Give two examples of developmental decisions based on this type of information.

  • How can involving employees in the creation of performance standards improve the effectiveness of a performance management system?

  • Suppose you were recently promoted to a supervisory job in a company where you have worked for two years. You genuinely like almost all your co-workers, who now report to you. The only exception is one employee, who dresses more formally than the others and frequently tells jokes that embarrass you and the other workers. Given your preexi

  • Continuing the example in Question 7, imagine that you are preparing for your first performance feedback session. You want the feedback to be effective-that is, you want the feedback to result in improved performance. List five or six steps you can take to achieve your goal.

  • Besides giving employees feedback, what steps can a manager take to improve employees' performance?

  • Suppose you are a human resource professional helping to improve the performance management system of a company that sells and services office equipment. The company operates a call center that takes calls from customers who are having problems with their equipment. Call center employees are supposed to verify that the problem is not one

  • 1. Based on the information given, discuss how well Performance Multiplier and Rypple meet the criteria for effective performance management: fit with strategy, validity, reliability, acceptability, and specific feedback.2. How suitable would these tools be for fulfilling the strategic, administrative, and developmental purposes of perfor

  • 1. Which purposes of performance management did the appraisals described in this case fulfill? Which purposes did they not fulfill?2. How can managers and HR departments minimize the likelihood of disputes arising over whether employees are continuing to perform at the same level?3. If you had been in the HR departments of the companies d