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  • David Upton is president of Upton Manufacturing, a producer of Go-Kart tires. Upton makes 1,000 tires per day with the following resources:Labor: ………………………… 400 hours per day @ $12.50 per hourRaw material: ………………… 20,000 pounds per day @ $1 per poundEnergy: ………………………. $5,000 per dayCapit

  • Davidson Corp. produces a single product: fireproof safety deposit boxes for home use. The budget going into the current year anticipated a selling price of $55 per unit. Because of competitive pressures, the company had to cut selling prices by 10 percent during the year. Budgeted variable costs per unit are $32, and budgeted total fixed

  • David’s Sport Supplies is a store that sells sports equipment and gear for teenagers and young adults. David’s is in the process of assigning the location of storage areas in its warehouse to minimize the number of trips made to retrieve needed items. Given here in Table are the departments that need to be located, the number of trips

  • Day-Mold was founded several years ago by two designers who developed several popular lines of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture for other companies. The designers believed that their design for dinette sets could be standardized and would sell well. They formed their own company and soon had all the orders they could handle

  • De Mar, a plumbing, heating, and air- conditioning company located in Fresno, California, has a simple but powerful product strategy: Solve the customer’s problem no matter what, solve the problem when the customer needs it solved, and make sure the customer feels good when you leave. De Mar offers guaranteed, same- day service for cust

  • Deb Bishop Health and Beauty Products has developed a new shampoo, and you need to develop its aggregate schedule. The cost accounting department has supplied you the costs relevant to the aggregate plan, and the marketing department has provided a four- quarter forecast. All are shown as follows:Quarter Forecast1 1,4002 1,2003

  • Deborah Hollwager, a concessionaire for the Des Moines ballpark, has developed a table of conditional values for the various alternatives (stocking decision) and states of nature (size of crowd):If the probabilities associated with the states of nature are 0.3 for a large crowd, 0.5 for an average crowd, and 0.2 for a small crowd, determ

  • Deborah Kellogg buys Breathalyzer test sets for the Denver Police Department. The quality of the test sets from her two suppliers is indicated in the following table:For example, the probability of getting a batch of tests that are 1% defective from Loomba Technology is .70. Because Kellogg orders 10,000 tests per order, this would mean

  • Deborah Watson’s factory is considering three approaches for meeting an expected increase in demand. These three approaches are increasing capacity, using overtime, and buying more equipment. Demand will increase either slightly (S), moderately (M), or greatly (G). The profits for each approach under each possible scenario are as follow

  • Debra Bishop’s cabinet-making shop, in Des Moines, has five tools that automate the drilling of holes for the installation of hinges. These machines need setting up for each order of cabinets. The orders appear to follow the Poisson distribution, averaging 3 per 8-hour day. There is a single technician for setting these machines. Her se

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