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  • The chapter describes the problems of budgeting projects with S-shaped and exponential-shaped life-cycle curves. What might be the budget problems if the life cycle of a project was just a straight diagonal line from 0 at project start to 100 percent at project completion?

  • The chapter included an example of a firm where the PM dispensed with all the planning formality because no one ever looked at it anyway. What did the PM think the purpose of such planning was in this firm? What should the firm do in the future to correct this problem?

  • The chapter mentions that regular functional managers are moving from their classic authoritarian style to a facilitative, participatory style because it is more effective. Do you think it took managers 200 years to learn that, or is something else driving the change?

  • The company has just hired a fifty-four-year-old senior engineer who holds two masters degrees in engineering disciplines. The engineer is quite competent and has worked well as a loner for the past twenty years. This same engineer has just been assigned to the R&D phase of your project. You, as project manager or project engineer, must m

  • The conflicts shown in Figure are given relative intensities as perceived in project driven organizations. Would this list be arranged differently for non–project-drivenorganizations?

  • The contractor’s project office is often structured to be compatible with the customer’s project office, sometimes on a one-to-one basis. Some customers view the contractor’s project organization merely as an extension of their own company. Below are three statements concerning this relationship. Are these statements true or false?

  • The critical term in the concept of principled negotiation is “position.” Elaborate on the multiple meanings of this term relative to negotiation. Can you think of a better term?

  • The Custom Bike Company has set up a weighted scoring matrix for evaluation of potential projects. Below are three projects under consideration.a. Using the scoring matrix below, which project would you rate highest? Lowest? b. If the weight for “Strong Sponsor” is changed from 2.0 to 5.0, will the project selection change? What are t

  • The customer has asked to have a customer representative office set up in the same building as the project office. As project manager, you put the customer’s office at the opposite end of the building from where you are, and on a different floor. The customer states that he wants his office next to yours. Should this be permitted, and,

  • The CyClon project team has started gathering information necessary to develop a project network-predecessor activities and activity time in days. The results of their meeting are found in the following table:Part A. Create a network based on the above information. How long will the project take? What is the critical path?Part B. Upon fu