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  • Identify each of the following activities as unit level (U) Batch level (B) Product level(P) Facility level (F) To indicate the way each is incurred with respect to production.1. ___________Sampling cookies to determine quality.2. ___________Paying real estate taxes on the factory building.3. ___________Attaching labels to collars of shir

  • Identify each of the following as a characteristic of ABM or JIT:1. Backflush costing2. ABC used to assign overhead costs to the product cost3. ABC integrated with job order or process costing systems4. Complexity reduced by using work cells, minimizing inventories, and reducing or eliminating nonvalue-adding activities5. Activities reorg

  • Identify which of the following exist in a traditional manufacturing environment and which exist in a JIT operating environment:a. Large amounts of inventoryb. Complex manufacturing processesc. A multiskilled labor forced. Flexible work cellse. Push-through production methodsf. Materials purchased infrequently but in large lot sizesg. Inf

  • Identify which of the following manufacturing overhead costs are value- added and which are non- value- added. a. Wages of the workers assembling products b. Engineering design costs for a new product c. Cost of moving raw materials into production d. Salary for supervisor on the factory floor e. Product inspection f. Costs of reworking o

  • If five people from the same organization calculated manufacturing cycle efficiency for one specific process, would each compute the same MCE? Why or why not?

  • If plantwide overhead rates are allowed for reporting costs to external users, why might a company choose to use a more complicated and more expensive method for assigning overhead costs to products?

  • If step 1 of ABC is to identify activities that consume resources, what is step 2?

  • Illiad Inc. has a total of $2,362,500 in production overhead costs. The company’s products and related statistics follow.Additional data: The 330,000 pounds of material were purchased for $544,500. One direct labor hour costs $12.a. Assume that Illiad Inc. uses direct labor hours to apply overhead to products. Determine the total cost

  • In a dual-rate allocation, what is the allocation basis for allocating capacity costs? for operating costs?

  • In a new business model called “zero time,” time is the primary focus that drives everything else in an organization. According to this model, instantaneous, or “zero-time,” Internet access to relevant information allows a company to add value for customers at every point along its value chain—marketing, research and development

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