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  • (a) Bert Company budgets sales of $1,250,000, fixed costs of $450,000, and variable costs of $200,000. What is the contribution margin ratio for Bert Company?(b) If the contribution margin ratio for Ernie Company is 40%, sales were $750,000, and fixed costs were $225,000, what was the income from operations?

  • For a recent year, McDonald’s company-owned restaurants had the following sales and expenses (in millions):Assume that the variable costs consist of food and packaging, payroll, and 40% of the general, selling, and administrative expenses.(a) What is McDonald’s contribution margin? Round to the nearest million.(b) What is McDonald’s

  • For the current year ending March 31, Jwork Company expects fixed costs of $440,000, a unit variable cost of $50, and a unit selling price of $75.(a) Compute the anticipated break-even sales (units).(b) Compute the sales (units) required to realize income from operations of $90,000.

  • Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., reported the following operating information for a recent year (in millions):In addition, Anheuser-Busch sold 125 million barrels of beer during the year. Assume that variable costs were 75% of the cost of goods sold and 40% of marketing and distribution expenses. Assume that the remaining costs are fixed.

  • Currently, the unit selling price of a product is $280, the unit variable cost is $230, and the total fixed costs are $525,000. A proposal is being evaluated to increase the unit selling price to $300.(a) Compute the current break-even sales (units).(b) Compute the anticipated break-even sales (units), assuming that the unit selling price

  • The Dash Club of Tampa, Florida, collected recipes from members and published a cookbook entitled Life of the Party. The book will sell for $25 per copy.The chairwoman of the cookbook development committee estimated that the club needed to sell 10,000 books to break even on its $90,000 investment. What is the variable cost per unit assume

  • Media outlets such as ESPN and Fox Sports often have Web sites that provide indepth coverage of news and events. Portions of these Web sites are restricted to members who pay a monthly subscription to gain access to exclusive news and commentary. These Web sites typically offer a free trial period to introduce viewers to the Web site. Ass

  • Sprint Nextel is one of the largest digital wireless service providers in the United States. In a recent year, it had approximately 41.5 million direct subscribers (accounts) that generated revenue of $40,146 million. Costs and expenses for the year were as follows (in millions):Cost of revenue ................. $17,191Selling, general, a

  • For the coming year, Paladin Inc. anticipates fixed costs of $120,000, a unit variable cost of $60, and a unit selling price of $90. The maximum sales within the relevant range are $900,000.(a) Construct a cost-volume-profit chart.(b) Estimate the break-even sales (dollars) by using the cost-volume-profit chart constructed in part (a).(c)

  • Using the data for Paladin Inc. in Exercise 11-17, (a) Determine the maximum possible operating loss, (b) Compute the maximum possible income from operations, (c) Construct a profit-volume chart, and (d) Estimate the break-even sales (units) by using the profit-volume chart constructed in part (c).