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  • Bell Printing Company specializes in wedding in wedding invitations. Bell needs information to budget next year’s activities. Write yes or no to indicate whether each of the following costs is likely to be available in the company’s product costing system:1. Cost of paper and envelopes 2. Printing machine setup costs 3. Depreciation o

  • Beltran Corporation produces wooden and aluminum baseball bats. In preparing the current budget, Beltran's management estimated a total of $500,000 in manufacturing overhead costs and 10,000 machine hours for the coming year. In December, Beltran's accountants reported actual manufacturing overhead incurred of $650,000 and 10,500 machine

  • Ben Reese is a painter for a small manufacturing plant. Sometimes he works directly on the product and sometimes he performs routine maintenance on the plant’s three buildings. He is paid $11.50 an hour and fills out a time sheet at the end of each week. His supervisor then fills in the specific jobs that will be charged with Ben’s ti

  • Ben Whitney manufactures holiday decorations. Overhead is applied to products based on direct labor hours. Last year, total overhead costs were expected to be $85,000. Actual overhead costs totaled $88,750 for 8,400 actual hours. At the end of the year, overhead was underapplied by $4,750.RequiredA. Calculate the predetermined overhead ra

  • Bender Automotive Works Inc. manufactures a variety of front-end assemblies for automobiles. A front-end assembly is the unified front of an automobile that includes the headlamps, fender, and surrounding metal/plastic. Bender has two producing departments: Drilling and Assembly. Usually, the front-end assemblies are ordered in batches of

  • Benton Printing Corp. uses a job order cost system. The following data summarize the operations related to the first quarter’s production.1. Materials purchased on account $ 192,000, and factory wages incurred $87,300.2. Materials requisitioned and factory labor used by job:3. Manufacturing overhead costs incurred on account $39,500.4.

  • Bergamo Bay’s computer system generated the following trial balance on December 31, 2015. The company’s manager knows something is wrong with the trial balance it does not show any balance for work in process inventory but does show a balance for the Factory Overhead account. In addition, the accrued factory payroll (Factory Payroll P

  • Bergan Brewery uses the latest in modern brewing technology to produce a prize-winning beer. In both 2008 and 2009, Bergan produced and sold 100,000 cases of beer and had no raw materials, work in process, or finished goods inventory at the beginning or end of either year. At the end of 2008, the company installed machines to perform some

  • Berlin Company completed 90,000 units during the year at a cost of $900,000. The beginning finished goods inventory was 10,000 units at $75,000. Determine the cost of goods sold for 70,000 units, assuming a FIFO cost flow.

  • Berne Company, a job-order costing firm, worked on three jobs in July. Data are as follows:Overhead is applied to jobs at the rate of $20 per machine hour. By July 31, Jobs 73 and 75 were completed. Jobs 70 and 73 were sold. Job 74 remained in process. On July 1, the balance in Finished Goods was $49,000 (consisting of Job 70 for $19,000

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