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  • Alma Ortiz and Associates, a CPA fi rm, uses job order costing to capture the costs of its audit jobs. There were no audit jobs in process at the beginning of November. Listed below are data concerning the three audit jobs conducted during November.Overhead costs are applied to jobs on the basis of auditor hours, and the predetermined ove

  • Almer Company operates two factories. The company applies factory overhead to jobs on the basis of machine hours in Factory 1 and on the basis of direct labor hours in Factory 2. Estimated factory overhead costs, direct labor hours, and machine hours are as follows:a. Determine the factory overhead rate for Factory 1. b. Determine the fa

  • Alomar Tool & Die begins operations on January 1. Because all work is done to customer specifications, the company decides to use a job order cost accounting system. Prepare a flow chart of a typical job order system with arrows showing the flow of costs. Identify the eight transactions.

  • Alpine Bliss Ski Company manufactures snow skis in a wide variety of lengths and styles. The following incomplete ledger accounts refer to transactions that are summarized for October:In addition, the following information is available:a. Materials and direct labor were applied to six jobs in October:b. Factory overhead is applied to ea

  • Alston Corporation makes rocking chairs. The chairs move through two departments during production. Lumber is cut into chair parts in the cutting department, which transfers the parts to the assembly department for completion. The company sells the unfinished chairs to hobby shops. The following transactions apply to Alston’s operations

  • Alton Foundry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, uses a predetermined manufacturing over-head rate to allocate overhead to individual jobs based on the machine hours required. At the beginning of the year, the company expected to incur the following:Manufacturing overhead costs.......................................................... $ 620,0

  • Alvarez Manufacturing Inc. is a job shop. The management of Alvarez Manufacturing Inc. uses the cost information from the job sheets to assess cost performance. Information on the total cost, product type, and quantity of items produced is as follows:.:.a. Develop a graph for each product (three graphs), with Job Number (in date order) o

  • Amber Company produces custom framing. For one job, the dimensions of the picture were such that the computer-controlled, mat-cutting device could not be used. Amber warned the customer that this was a particularly difficult job, and her normal price would be increased to reflect its difficulty. Amber cut the mat by hand, but the cut was

  • Amber Company produces custom framing. For one job, the trainee assigned to cut the mat entered the mat dimensions incorrectly into the computer. The mat was unusable and had to be discarded; another mat was cut to the correct dimensions. How is the cost of the spoiled mat handled?

  • Amberjack Company is trying to decide on an allocation base to use to assign manufacturing overhead to jobs. The company has always used direct labor hours to assign manufacturing over-head to products, but it is trying to decide whether it should use a different allocation base such as direct labor dollars or machine hours.Actual and est

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