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  • 1. What characteristics of the product or manufacturing process would lead a company to use a process costing system? Give two examples of companies that are likely to be using process costing. What characteristics of the product or manufacturing process would lead a company to use a job costing system? Give two examples of companies that

  • 1. Your manufacturing company is facing intense competition from firms that have already adopted such operational techniques as demand-based management and JIT systems. Before implementing those programs at your company, the CEO has asked you to write a "white paper" covering the following specific topics:How do JIT demand-based systems d

  • A company has fixed costs of $90,000. Its contribution margin ratio is 30% and the product sells for $75 per unit. What is the company's break-even point in dollar sales?

  • A company has two major businesses that it operates. One business manufactures and sells unicycles for commercial use in circuses, etc. (total sales of $150M), and the other sells bicycles to the public (total sales of $20M). The unicycle business occupies 75,000 square feet of the manufacturing warehouse and the bicycle business occupies

  • A company has two sequential processing departments. On the cost of production reports for the departments, will the cost per unit transferred out of the first department always be equal to the cost per unit transferred in to the second department? Explain.

  • A company manufactures a liquid product called Glitter. The basic ingredients are put into process in Department 1. In Department 2, other materials are added that increase the number of units being processed by 50%. The factory has only two departments.Calculate the following for each department: (a) Unit cost for the month for material

  • A company ran a regression analysis using direct labor hours as the independent variable and manufacturing overhead costs as the dependent variable. The results are summarized belowIntercept ................................$14,600.00Slope ............................................$12.55Correlation coefficient ...................0.931R-s

  • A company uses process costing to assign product costs. Available inventory information for a period is as follows: The ending inventory was 25% complete as to the conversion cost. 100% of direct material was added at the beginning of the process. What was the total cost transferredout?

  • A company's direct labor standards for a given operation and the actual results for the current period are provided below:Standard rates: Advanced $18 per hourTrained $15 per hourNovice $10 per hourTime to produce one unit:One (1) Advanced worker at 30 minutes each = 30 minutes/unitThree (3) Trained workers at 20 minutes each = 60 minutes

  • A customer profitability analysis using Activity Based Management data is best used when? (Give short answer).

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