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  • 1. Discuss two recommendations for how consumers might protect themselves from such Internet scams.2. Phishing scams also victimize businesses. Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Web site ( to learn how businesses can deal with this problem and discuss recommendations for marketers who face this threat.Have you ever gone p

  • 1. Discuss the environmental forces acting on these companies. What are Northfield’s and Biopure’s responsibilities and possible reactions to these environmental forces? 2. Is it ethical for these companies to continue clinical trials in this case? Since the mid-1990s, companies such as Northfield Laboratories and Biopure have been te

  • 1. Discuss a demographic and an economic trend related to Chindia’s power and its impact on marketers in the United States. Support your discussion of these trends with statistics. 2. Using the chain ratio method described in Appendix 2: Marketing by the Numbers, discuss factors to consider when estimating total market demand for automo

  • 1. What micro environmental factors affected both the first generation and second generation models of the Toyota Prius? How well has Toyota dealt with these factors?2. Outline the major macro environmental factors—demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural—that have affected Prius sales. How well has Toyota

  • Which information is more valuable to marketing managers—information from internal databases, from marketing intelligence, or from marketing research? How do these information sources differ?

  • Explain the differences between primary and secondary data. When is each appropriate and how are they collected?

  • How does customer relationship management (CRM) help companies develop customer insights and deliver superior customer value?

  • Assume you are interested in opening a children’s retail clothing store specializing in upscale children’s fashions for newborns through 10-year-olds. You are unsure whether there is enough demand in your area to be profitable. In a small group, discuss what information you need before making this decision and decide on which secondar

  • One source of competitive marketing intelligence is a company’s Web site. Visit Apple’s Web site ( to search for information that might be useful to competitors. Write a brief report of what you found.

  • 1. Search “social media monitoring” on a search engine to find companies specializing in monitoring social media. Many of these sites discuss examples of how businesses use their service. Discuss two examples in which businesses used social media monitoring successfully. 2. Monitoring “tagging” is hailed as the way to keep tabs on