Question: Butterfly hot spots Nature Sept 1993 reported on a study

Butterfly hot spots. Nature (Sept. 1993) reported on a study of animal and plant species "hot spots" in Great Britain. A hot spot is defined as a 10-km2 area that is species rich-that is, heavily populated by a species of interest. Analogously, a cold spot is a 10-km2 area that is species poor. The accompanying table gives the number of but terfly hot spots and the number of butterfly cold spots in a sample of 2,588 10-km2 areas. In theory, 5% of the areas should be butterfly hot spots and 5% should be butterfly cold spots, while the remaining areas (90%) are neutral.
Test the theory, using a = .01.
Butterfly hot spots.......... 123
Butterfly cold spots....... 147
Neutral areas .......... 2,318
Total............ 2,588

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