Question: CableCast TV provides cable television and Internet service for a

CableCast TV provides cable television and Internet service for a college town in Virginia. Its service staff is sufficient to handle installations and hookups for almost the entire year, except for the month-long period right before and during the beginning of fall semester in August, when all the students return, CableCast is overwhelmed and must bring in an additional 14 technicians from other company service areas. The following table shows the number of technicians who can be loaned from seven other service area offices; the mileages from the other service area cities to the town; and the cost for relocating a technician for one month, which includes monthly salary and a bonus. (The national CableCast office incurs this monthly cost).

Since most of the technicians will commute to their homes at least once a week for a few days, the company wants to minimize the total distance incurred by its employees, although it would also like to keep its labor costs to $60,000 or less.
a. Formulate and solve a linear programming model for this problem.
b. If CableCast wants to minimize its cost and not the mileage, how would it affect thesolution?
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