Question: Calculate the operating cash flow NPV break even point for the

Calculate the operating cash flow NPV break-even point for the project described in Practice Problem 41 by using a 15-percent discount rate. Also, the asset class will be closed at the end of six years.
GG Inc. has a project that requires purchases of capital assets costing $40,000 and additional raw material inventory of $2,000. Shipping and installation costs are $1,500. GG Inc. estimated that the project would generate an annual operating after-tax cash flow of $5,600 for six years at each year end. At the end of the project, the assets can be sold for $4,000, while the additional inventory that was tied up will be released. The assets are in asset class 9, which has a CCA rate of 30 percent. The tax rate = 40%, and k = 15%. The ending UCC = $8,469. Calculate PV of CCA tax shield by formula. Calculate the NPV of the project if the asset class is closed on termination of the project. Decide whether or not GG Inc. should accept the project.

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