Question: Callie s Gym is a complete fitness center Owner Callie Ducain

Callie’s Gym is a complete fitness center. Owner Callie Ducain employs various fitness trainers who are expected to staff the front desk and to teach fitness classes. While on the front desk, trainers answer the phone, handle walk-ins and show them around the gym, answer member questions about the weight machines, and do light cleaning (wiping down the equipment, vacuuming the floor). The trainers also teach fitness classes (e.g., pilates, spinning, body pump) according to their own interest and training level. The cost of the fitness trainers is $600 per month and $20 per class taught. Last month, 100 classes were taught.
1. Develop a cost equation for total cost of labor.
2. What was total variable labor cost last month?
3. What was total labor cost last month?
4. What was the unit cost of labor (per class) for last month?
5. What if Callie increased the number of classes offered by 50 percent? What would be the total labor cost? The unit labor cost? Explain why the unit labor cost decreased.

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