Question: Calzado Company produces leather shoes in batches The shoes are

Calzado Company produces leather shoes in batches. The shoes are produced in one plant located on 20 acres. The plant operates two shifts, five days per week. Each time a batch is produced, just-in-time suppliers deliver materials to the plant. When the materials arrive, a worker checks the quantity and type of materials with the bill of materials for the batch. The worker then makes an entry at a PC terminal near the point of delivery acknowledging receipt of the material. An accounts payable clerk reviews all deliveries at the end of each day and then prints and mails checks the same day materials are received. Prior to producing a batch, the equipment must be configured to reflect style and size features. Once configured, the batch is produced passing through three operations: cutting, sewing, and attaching buckles and other related parts such as heels.
At the end of the production process, a sample of shoes is inspected to ensure the right level of quality. After inspection, the batch is divided into lots based on the customer orders for the shoes. The lots are packaged in boxes and then transferred to a staging area to await shipment. After a short wait (usually within two hours), the lots are loaded on to trucks and delivered to customers (retailers). Within the same plant, the company also has a team of design engineers who respond to customer feedback on style and comfort issues. This department modifies existing designs, develops new shoe designs, builds prototypes, and test markets the prototypes before releasing the designs for full-scale production.
1. Identify Calzado’s processes and their associated activities.
2. Classify each activity within each process as unit level, batch level, product level, or facility level.

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