Question: Can people tell the difference between a female nose and

Can people tell the difference between a female nose and a male nose? This important (?) research question was examined in the article “You Can Tell by the Nose: Judging Sex from an Isolated Facial Feature” (Perception [1995]: 969–973). Eight Caucasian males and eight Caucasian females posed for nose photos. The article states that none of the volunteers wore nose studs or had prominent nasal hair. Each person placed a black Lycra tube over his or her head in such a way that only the nose protruded through a hole in the material. Photos were then taken from three different angles: front view, three-quarter view, and profile. These photos were shown to a sample of undergraduate students. Each student in the sample was shown one of the nose photos and asked whether it was a photo of a male or a female; and the response was classified as either correct or incorrect. The accompanying table was constructed using summary values reported in the article. Is there evidence that the proportion of correct sex identifications differs for the three different nose views?

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