Can we use probability models based on Bernoulli trials to investigate the following situations? Explain.
a) Each week a doctor rolls a single die to determine which of his six office staff members gets the preferred parking space.
b) A medical research lab has samples of blood collected from 120 different individuals. How likely is it that the majority of them are Type A blood, given that Type A is found in 43 % of the population?
c) From a workforce of 13 men and 23 women, all five pro-motions go to men. How likely is that, if promotions are based on qualifications rather than gender?
d) We poll 500 of the 3000 stockholders to see how likely it is that the proposed budget will pass.
e) A company realizes that about 10% of its packages are not being sealed properly. In a case of 24 packages, how likely is it that more than 3 are unsealed?

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