Canon manufactures digital cameras and must compete on lean manufacturing concepts. Match each of the following activities that it engages in with the lean manufacturing concept it strives to achieve. (Some activities might relate to more than one lean manufacturing concept.)
_______1. Manufacturing facilities are arranged to reduce move time and wait time.
_______2. Canon conducts focus groups to determine new features that customers want in digital cameras.
_______3. Canon monitors the market to determine what features its competitors are offering on digital cameras.
_______4. Canon asks production workers for ideas to improve production.
_______5. The manufacturing process is standardized and documented.
_______6. Cameras are produced in small lots, and only to customer order.
_______7. Lenses are received daily based on customer orders.
_______8. Customers receive a satisfaction survey with each camera purchased.
_______9. Orders received are filled within two business days.
_______10. Canon works with suppliers to reduce inspection time of incoming materials.
a. Just-in-time (JIT)
b. Continuous improvement (CI)
c. Total quality management (TQM)

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