Question: Canzer Morel and Wang three law students who have joined

Canzer, Morel, and Wang, three law students who have joined together to open a law practice, are struggling to manage their cash flow. They haven’t yet built up sufficient clientele and revenues to support their legal practice’s ongoing costs. Initial costs, such as advertising, renovations to their premises, and the like, all result in outgoing cash flow at a time when little is coming in. Canzer, Morel, and Wang haven’t had time to establish a billing system since most of their clients’ cases haven’t yet reached the courts, and the lawyers didn’t think it would be right to bill them until “results were achieved.”Unfortunately, Canzer, Morel, and Wang’s suppliers don’t feel the same way. Their suppliers expect them to pay their accounts payable within a few days of receiving their bills. So far, there hasn’t even been enough money to pay the three lawyers, and they are not sure how long they can keep practicing law without getting some money into their pockets.

Can you provide any suggestions for Canzer, Morel, and Wang to improve their cash management practices?

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