Capital Expansion and Financing Your company is rapidly growing and needs additional capital to expand the online retailing portion of its business model. One group of the board of directors proposes that the company issue $800,000 of additional common stock, while a separate group of the board is in favor of issuing the same amount of long-term bonds. As a possible compromise, the company’s investment banker suggests that the company' issue convertible bonds. The board asks you to write a memo examining the advantages and disadvantages of convertible bonds. The company currently' has 200,000 common shares outstanding, and the stock is currently' trading at a price of $30 per share. The company’s effective interest rate is 10%; however, the investment banker believes that the convertible debt could be issued at a 6% interest rate.
Write a memo to the board of directors detailing how convertible bonds work and the advantages and disadvantages of the security'. In addition, provide details on how the issuance of the security' would affect the financial statements compared to if the company simply issued debt or common stock.

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