Carl made the following transfers during the current year Transferred
Carl made the following transfers during the current year.
• Transferred $900,000 in cash and securities to a revocable trust, life estate to him- self and remainder interest to his three adult children by a former wife.
• In consideration of their upcoming marriage, gave Lindsey (age 21) a $90,000 convertible.
• Purchased a $100,000 certificate of deposit listing title as “Carl, payable on proof of death to Lindsey.”
• Established a joint checking account with his wife, Lindsey, in December of the current year with $30,000 of funds he inherited from his parents. In January of the following year, Lindsey withdrew $15,000 of the funds.
• Purchased for $80,000 a paid-up insurance policy on his life (maturity value of $500,000). Carl designated Lindsey as the beneficiary.
• Paid $13,400 to a college for his niece’s tuition and $6,000 for her room and board. The niece is not Carl’s dependent.
• Gave his aunt $52,000 for her heart bypass operation. The aunt is not Carl’s dependent.
What are Carl’s taxable gifts for the current year?
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