Question: Carson Electronics is currently considering whether to ac quire a new

Carson Electronics is currently considering whether to ac-quire a new materials-handling machine for its manufacturing operations. The machine costs $ 760,000 and will be depreciated using straight- line depreciation toward a zero salvage value over the next five years. During the life of the machine, no new capital expenditures or investments in working capital will be required. The new materials- handling machine is expected to save Carson Electronics $ 250,000 per year before taxes of 30%. Carson’s CFO recently analyzed the firm’s opportunity cost of capital and estimated it to be 9%.
a. What are the annual free cash flows for the project?
b. What are the project’s NPV and IRR? Should Carson Electronics accept the project?
c. Carson’s new head of manufacturing was concerned about whether the new handler could deliver the promised savings. In fact, he projected that the savings might be 20% lower than projected. What are the NPV and IRR for the project under this scenario?

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