Cash flows can be classified into one of the following
Cash flows can be classified into one of the following categories:
1. Cash inflows from operating activities.
2. Cash outflows from operating activities.
3. Cash inflows from investing activities.
4. Cash outflows from investing activities.
5. Cash inflows from financing activities.
6. Cash outflows from financing activities.

Classify each of the following transactions into one of the above six categories:
a. Payments to employees for wages.
b. Payments to acquire stock in another company as a long-term investment
c. Receipts from customers.
d. Receipts from the sale of property, plant, and equipment.
e. Payments of interest.
f. Payments made to acquire another firm.
g. Receipts of interest and dividends.
h. Payments to retire outstanding bonds.
i. Payments to suppliers.
j. Purchases of treasury stock

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