Casino Queen, Inc. operates a gambling and hotel establishment in East St. Louis, Illinois. Casino Queen’s location places it within a large metropolitan area comprised of East St. Louis, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri, and several other cities in both Illinois and Missouri. Casino Queen advertises through print, radio, and television media in Missouri. Mark Myers is a resident of St. Louis County, Missouri. Myers went to Casino Queen to gamble and won $ 17,500. He cashed out his winnings and took a cab to Missouri. Two individuals who saw him cash out his winnings at the casino followed Myers in a cab to Missouri, where they beat and robbed him of his winnings. Myers sued Casino Queen in a Missouri court, alleging that the casino was negligent in not providing Myers warnings of such illegal activities and protecting him from such activities. Casino Queen, an Illinois corporation, made a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed by the Missouri court, alleging that the Missouri court did not have personal jurisdiction over the Illinois casino. Myers argued that Missouri’s long- arm statute gave it personal jurisdiction over Casino Queen. Does the Missouri court have personal jurisdiction over the Illinois casino based on Missouri’s long- arm statute? Myers v. Casino Queen, Inc., 689 F. 3d 904 (United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, 2012)

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