Question: Cathy E Ltd and The Heath Company two large British

Cathy E, Ltd. and The Heath Company, two large British firms, send many of their employees to work for up to two years in their overseas offices. You recently interviewed a random sample of nine Cathy E employees and a random sample of twelve Heath employees who have returned from assignments abroad. You want to compare the average degree of satisfaction with their company’s level of support during the time they spent abroad. On a scale of 0 to 100 (with 100 as a perfect score), the average score given by the Cathy E sample is 73.7, with a standard deviation of 7.1. The average for the Heath sample is 64.9, with standard deviation of 5.8. Set up a hypothesis test using a significance level of 5% to test the null hypothesis that there is no difference in the average satisfaction scores for the two populations of employees represented here. Assume that the scores for the two populations are normally distributed, with equal standard deviations.

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