CBS Sports had a Face book page for the 2009
CBS Sports had a Face book page for the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament including bracket contests, discussion sites, and a variety of polls. One of the polls asked users to identify their most despised teams. The pie chart in Figure 2.30 gives a breakdown of the votes by the conference of the most despised teams as of 10:53 EDT on March 16, 2009. (Note that Pac 10 is now Pac 12.)
a. Are there any conferences that received more than 25% of the votes? If so, which conference(s)? How can you tell?
b. Which two conferences appear to have the closest percentages of the votes?
c. A bar chart for the same data is presented in Figure 2.31. Comparing the bar chart to the pie chart, match the conferences to the bars. In other words, explain which bar represents which conference.
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