Central Hospital in York Pennsylvania has an emergency room that
Central Hospital in York, Pennsylvania, has an emergency room that is divided into six departments:
(1) An initial exam station to treat minor problems or to make a diagnosis;
(2) An X- ray department;
(3) An operating room;
(4) A cast- fitting room;
(5) An observation room (for recovery and general observation before final diagnosis or release); and
(6) An out processing department (where clerks check out patients and arrange for payment or insurance forms).
The probabilities that a patient will go from one department to another are presented in the following table:

Simulate the trail followed by 10 emergency room patients. Proceed, one patient at a time, from each one’s entry at the initial exam station until he or she leaves throughout processing. You should be aware that a patient can enter the same department more than once.
b) Using your simulation data, determine the chances that a patient enters the X- ray departmenttwice.
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