Question: Central State University uses job cost records for various research projects

Central State University uses job-cost records for various research projects. A major reason for such records is to justify requests for reimbursement of costs on projects sponsored by the federal government.
Consider the following summarized data regarding a cancer research project in the Medical School:
● September 5 Direct materials, various medical supplies, $675
● September 7 Direct materials, various chemicals, $1,525
● September 5–12 Direct labor, research associates, 125 hours
● September 7–12 Direct labor, research assistants, 205 hours
Research associates receive $42 per hour, while assistants receive $18. The overhead rate is 60% of direct-labor cost.
Sketch a job-cost (project-cost) record. Post all the data to the project-cost record. Compute the total cost of the project through September 12.

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