Question: Charles Darwin author of Origin of Species investigated the effect

Charles Darwin, author of Origin of Species, investigated the effect of cross-fertilization on the heights of plants. In one study he planted 15 pairs of Zea mays plants. Each pair consisted of one cross-fertilized plant and one self-fertilized plant grown in the same pot. The following table gives the height differences, in eighths of an inch, for the 15 pairs. Each difference is obtained by subtracting the height of the self-fertilized plant from that of the cross-fertilized plant.
a. Identify the variable under consideration.
b. Identify the two populations.
c. Identify the paired-difference variable.
d. Are the numbers in the table paired differences? Why or why not?
e. At the 5% significance level, do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean heights of cross-fertilized and self-fertilized Zea mays differ?
f. Repeat part (e) at the 1% significance level.

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