Question: Cherokee Furniture Company manufactures furniture Cherokee Furniture uses a job

Cherokee Furniture Company manufactures furniture. Cherokee Furniture uses a job order cost system. Balances on April 1 from the materials ledger are as follows:
Fabric ...... $ 6,140
Polyester filling .... 5,900
Lumber ...... 17,400
Glue ....... 1,800

The materials purchased during April are summarized from the receiving reports as follows:
Fabric ....... $67,750
Polyester filling ... 40,000
Lumber ....... 92,350
Glue ........ 8,000

Materials were requisitioned to individual jobs as follows:

The glue is not a significant cost, so it is treated as indirect materials (factory overhead).
a. Determine the total purchase of materials in April.
b. Determine the amounts of materials transferred to Work in Process and Factory Overhead for the requisition of materials in April.
c. Determine the April 30 balances that would be shown in the materials ledgeraccounts.

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