Question: Chilla Mitchell decided to sell her 1995 Cadillac Concours She

Chilla Mitchell decided to sell her 1995 Cadillac Concours. She talked to Tommy Thrash, the proprietor of an automobile dealership called "Repro City," and Thrash assured her that he could get $16,500 for the vehicle. Mitchell agreed to leave her car for sale at Thrash's lot, and Thrash agreed to pay her $16,500 on the sale of the vehicle. Mitchell retained the certificate of title to the car. On October 26, Roosevelt Jones bought the car from Repro City for $18,655. Jones received a bill of sale and application for title. Thrash did not pay Mitchell. Mitchell returned to the address where she had left her vehicle but the car lot was gone. She was unable to locate Thrash. When she learned that Jones had the car, she filed a lawsuit against him seeking its return. Does Mitchell have the legal right to recover the car from Jones?

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