Question: Chlorex a household products company has developed a natural cold water

Chlorex, a household products company, has developed a natural, cold-water detergent called “Nature Clean.” The company’s marketing department thinks that sales jump when there are several major environmental (i.e., sustainability) episodes in the national media, such as an oil spill or the government issuing a major pollution report. Thus, the marketing department wants to develop a linear regression forecasting model that relates the number of “green” episodes reported monthly in the national media to monthly sales of the detergent. The marketing department had several staff members go through various media sources for the last two years and count the number of major national green episodes reported on, which, with monthly sales, is shown in the following table

Develop a linear regression model and determine the sales forecast if three green episodes are reported in the media. Discuss the value and usefulness of this type of relational forecast for Chlorex’s detergentsales.

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