Choose the right word for each sentence 1 Many Canadian
Choose the right word for each sentence.
1. Many Canadian (companies, company’s) are competing effectively in the global market.
2. We can move your (families, family’s) furniture safely and efficiently.
3. The (managers’, manager’s) ability to listen is just as important as his or her technical knowledge.
4. A (memos, memo’s) style can build goodwill.
5. (Social workers, social worker’s) should tell clients about services available in the community.
6. The (companies, company’s) benefits plan should be checked periodically to make sure it continues to serve the needs of employees.
7. Information about the new community makes the (families, family’s) move easier.
8. The (managers, manager’s) all have open-door policies.
9. (Memos, memo’s) are sent to other workers in the same organization.
10. Burnout affects a (social workers’, social worker’s) productivity as well as his or her morale.

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