Cicadas are flying plant eating insects One particular species 13 year cicadas
Cicadas are flying, plant-eating insects. One particular species, 13-year cicadas (Magicicada), spends five juvenile stages in underground burrows. During the 13 years underground, the cicadas grow from approximately the size of a small ant to nearly the size of an adult cicada. Every 13 years, the animals then emerge from their burrows as adults.The following table presents three different species of these 13-year cicadas and their corresponding adult body weight (BW), in grams, and wing length (WL), in millimeters.
a. Construct a scatter diagram of the body weights, x, and the corresponding wing lengths, y. Use a different symbol to represent the ordered pairs for each species.
b. Describe what the scatter diagram displays with respect to relationship and species.
c. Calculate the correlation coefficient, r.
d. Find the equation for the line of best fit.
e. Suppose the body weight of a cicada is 0.20 gram. What wing length would you predict? Which species do you think this cicada might be?
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