Question: Cicadas are flying plant eating insects One particular species the 13 year

Cicadas are flying, plant-eating insects. One particular species, the 13-year cicadas (Magicicada), spends five juvenile stages in underground burrows. During the 13 years underground, the cicadas grow from approximately the size of a small ant to nearly the size of an adult cicada. The adult body weights (BW) in grams and wing lengths (WL) in millimeters are given for three different species of these 13-year cicadas in the following table.
a. Draw a scatter diagram with body weight as the independent variable and wing length as the dependent variable. Find the equation of the line of best fit.
b. Is body weight an effective predictor of wing length for a 13-year cicada? Use a 0.05 level of significance.
c. Give a 90% confidence interval for the mean wing length for all 0.20-gram cicada body weight.

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