Question: Clarence Jackson went to the Snack Plus convenience store in

Clarence Jackson went to the Snack Plus convenience store in Hamden, Connecticut, and bought a Connecticut Lotto "Quick Pick" ticket for the drawing of October 13, 1995. On the back of the ticket are various provisions, including the admonition that "Prize must be claimed within one year from the drawing date. Determination of winners subject to DOSR rules and regulations." It also stated instructions for claiming the prize by presentment to any online agent or to "Lottery Claims" in Newington, Connecticut. The drawing was held on October 13, and the winning six-number combination was announced. One of the six-number combinations on Jackson's Lotto ticket matched the six-number combination drawn in the October 13 drawing, for a prize of $5.8 million dollars. Jackson only learned of the match 15 minutes before the one-year deadline that he had won. Instead of claiming his prize online, Jackson waited several more days until after the Columbus Day holiday to present it in person at the Lottery Claims Center because he was under the impression that it had to be presented there. The Connecticut Lottery Corporation (CLC) denied Jackson's claim because the one-year presentment period had elapsed. Does contract law give Jackson the right to claim the prize under these circumstances?

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